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The increasing sophistication of audio-visual systems means that any system you plan for today must be flexible to allow for future technology. We can work with you to ensure that the integration of your vision system is fully compatible with the current environment as well as flexible enough to cope with change. Many of our projects have involved integrating screens, projectors and control systems within an auditorium complex but we can also install stand-alone systems for classrooms, boardrooms and commercial buildings.


Our skills base means that cabling and new electrical capabilities can be included in the project easily to develop wireless systems. We understand the complexities of using multimedia in theatres and schools and the need to offer creative opportunities. Most importantly, our team will ensure that your automated system will not be a frustrating learning experience nor will it be difficult to use. Our mobile technology solutions can save you both time and money through the integration of your systems with new technologies.

Vision & Control Systems


Some of the quality brands we support and supply:
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