Our in-depth knowledge of automated systems such as Crestron, Kramer and Dynalite combined with our installation experience, means that we can ensure the successful delivery of user-friendly control systems. A high level of expertise and familiarity with end-to-end digital networks, new products and traditional theatre technologies has proven to be a critical success factor in projects so far.

Audio-Visual Systems
Despite the growing complexity of integrated A/V systems, it has become central to our experience as an audience, a student or a participant. We have specialist staff who can work with you to devise a system that will enable smooth operation, discreet automation and most importantly, an enhanced A/V experience.
Crestron Systems
Our consultants are Crestron trained and able to deliver whole system designs and installs. Our difference is that we are holistic in our approach and rather than simply focus on the technology, we focus on the entire experience of the audience or participant. By involving our team in your planning, you are ensuring that your plans are not compromised and that each element flows seamlessly.
Albany Creek SS
The traditional hall at Albany Creek SS was developed into a contemporary space by us. The original stage was transformed with a Crestron System capable of being utilised by the school community. Touch screens will facilitate audio-visual controls and motorised projection screens, dual HD projectors and sound reinforcement will enhance the entire experience.
ABC Studios Southbank
Asked to develop a multi-zone system that would include paging and recall, our team devised and installed a Crestron system that would enable control via mobile technology. Our integrated audio system allows the ABC and QSO to manage resources centrally or remotely on the network.