We collaborate with the best technology manufacturers to bring our clients industry-leading products. With long-term, reliable suppliers and cost competitive strategies, we can provide a wide range of products that you can trust - without limiting your choice. When you work with us, you can be assured that any product we sell is fully compliant with Australian Standards and supported by manufacturer's guarantees. The products we recommend have been tested and assessed in real-world contexts and backed by our quality installations, you can expect the best return on your investment. We are truly independent and can source the ideal products for your system as well as providing customised solutions that cannot be found elsewhere.


Lighting Equipment
Conventional Luminaires, LED, Intelligent Lighting & Effects, Architectural & Film Lighting, Dimming and Control Systems, Wired Lighting Bars and Accessories.
Audio Equipment
Microphones, Speakers, DSP, Amps, Mixers and Effects, Hearing Augmentation, Headphones, Communications Equipment & PA Systems.
Vision & Control Systems
Audio-Visual products, Projectors, Screens and Integrated Control Systems, Automated systems, Cabling & Storage Systems & Interactive Whiteboards.
Curtains & Drapery
Theatrical and Blackout Drapes, Cyclorama and Backdrops, Portable Drape Kits, Curtain Track, Motorised systems.
Acoustic Treatments
Design & Testing; Acoustic Panels, Custom Wall Coverings.
Rostra, Flats & Backdrops, Portable Stages, Lecterns, Machinery, Automation, Rigging, Fly Systems and Cable Management Systems.
Tapes, Batteries, Gel, Gobos, Lamps, Paint and more.
Custom patch leads, cables, shotbags, safety ramps, brackets, track, adaptors, piggyback extension leads, storage cases and bags.