Experience shows that collaboration is of great importance in successful projects, together with avoiding overly prescriptive solutions. Our clients engage with us on a variety of levels to deliver projects  -  at the initial planning stages and at critical points in the life of a venue. We can assist with new projects and refurbishments to existing facilities of any size. As well as consultancy, we offer professional advice, CAD expertise and project management that will get your project off the ground and ensure sustainability in the future.


Education Facilities
Most schools have little room for specialised areas and flexibility of space is the key to designing the traditional school auditorium. Our approach is embedded in a clear understanding of versatile space functionality. Motorised tracks and lighting bars, secure housing for projectors and portable staging are some of the products that we have employed to ensure safety and ease of use.
Curtain & Acoustic Design
Due to our manufacturing capabilities, we can design and make curtains and acoustic treatments that will impress. From traditional stage curtains to more elaborate designs, our high quality materials and workmanship can be seen in venues throughout Australia.
Lighting, Audio & AV Design
Our highly experienced consultants have backgrounds in theatre and entertainment and significant experience in designing for various clients. Traditional technologies are combined with energy efficient products to create lighting, audio & vision systems that will be appreciated by end-users and audience alike.
Staging Design
Flexible spaces are central to most contemporary venues. Whether a drama studio or a place or worship, portable and retractable staging devices can be critical to meeting demands for versatility.Our team can design and customise cost-effective staging that will meet your requirements and provide creative opportunities for end-users.