In pursuing the highest standards of customer care, we offer specific on-site training for new equipment and have the capacity to run technical theatre workshops at your venue. Our training credentials enable us to assist schools and educators with curriculum advice and VET certification for students. We can even tailor training to assist with specific productions or events and implement a qualified knowledge base for the future.


Technical Workshops
We provide on-site training workshops. All our training is tailored to suit the context so you can be sure that the course is specific and relevant to your team and your equipment. Our courses are predominantly practical with participants working in small groups throughout so that everyone builds knowledge through hands on experience with the technology.
Projects involving facilities for Arts’ education require particular care and understanding to meet both current needs and possible changes. We can provide a comprehensive range of cost effective, timely solutions to the challenges encountered in educational venues. Contextual on-site workshops for both teachers and students are part of our service.
We have staff that are skilled in theatre production and can assist or manage a production or an event. Whether you need an operator or designer, our wonderful team will ensure your production is professional and stress free.
In order to realise the full potential of your equipment, we can provide advice and support to end users as well as specific training for equipment.